Racing AR Together

The Dekko guys (sure you know this video) are prepping themselves for bigger things as it seems. Their 3D feature tracking is on the right track to actually ship the first game now: Tabletop Speed Racer.


Basically it is a racing game, where you can use props from your table or room to define the course. No markers or strings attached as the teaser demonstrates. An initial setup phase including scanning the set-up items is needed before the race starts. Seems like we now finally see a proper multi-player game, that used feature-tracked positioning within a defined court. (Leaving compass+GPS based multiplayer games aside!)

Tabletop Speed Trailer from Dekko on Vimeo.

The tracking in the short snippets looks pretty solid and 3D scanned real parts seem accurate enough to react properly for collision and occlusion. (The older video shows a bit rough surface definition.) Probably enough to have a fun race, though! Interesting to see if multi-player works as well, really: does the two systems know the two cars’ positions well enough? Are they the same? Does the 3D-scan of the court is the same or are those shared on both devices after a scan on a single device? (Sure would make sense.) … questions to be answered. :-)

Well, anyway, it’s about time to see some of this marker-free multi-player fun!!! Can’t wait to try it out tonight. Unfortunately, until now only for iOS, Android (and claimed: even Google Glass version) to follow…

Let’s play!