AR processing unit to speed it up!


Bored of your CPU and GPU? Time for something new?

Metaio recently announced the development of a new AR chipset: the “AR Engine”. They team up with ST-Ericsson to integrate the AR-needed core functionality directly into the mobile platform’s hardware. This should speed up the overall performance and reduce power consumption. Peter Meier states:

“The AR Engine will do for augmented reality what the GPU did years ago for the gaming industry. This is a great leap in the AR space, and we strongly believe that the AR Engine working with ST?Ericsson platforms will help realize the Augmented City—the idea of a completely connected environment powered by augmented reality and made possible with next?gen, optimized mobile platforms,”.

Let’s wait and see! I’d love to have more pocket AR, that does not turn my device into a glowing hot stone or a super-brick, when the battery dies!