3D-Scan yourself in real-time!

Hi guys. Good news, Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 is available for download!

(C) Microsoft

3D-Scan with Kinect SDK 1.7

The latest Kinect for Windows SDK now includes the earlier discussed and research-only KinectFusion solution! Now you can scan yourself in 3D directly and get a – hopefully nicely cleaned-up – representation as shown above. Of course there has been more researcher’s work going on creating such a solution using the Kinect or similar systems. But I’d say with the new release by Microsoft it makes many people’s lives easier!

(C) Microsoft

Predefined Kinect SDK gestures to control your application

The new SDK also includes pre-defined gestures, that can let the developers easily set up interaction scenarios without programming this stuff again on their side of the SDK. Microsofts illustrates these gestures in their post and states: “counter-clockwise from top left: “push” to select, “grab” to scroll and pan, and wave to identify primary user. Two-handed zoom (top right) is not included but can be built with this new SDK.”

The video below shows the last live appearance of the SDK, explained by a Microsoft researcher. In the end he smiles, as he wasn’t allowed to give away the release date… now we are there! :-)
Can’t wait to see more widespread AR applications resorting to this for better occlusions & interactions!