Upcoming next: AR Conference Fall

Hi everybody,

I’m back from my Southeast Europe trip and we sure have to catch up some things. Your mail didn’t get lost, I will get back to you! Also, I will get right on the upcoming AR events, that will happen during the next two month! Namely, we kick off with metaio’s insideAR, continue with AugmentedPlanet Event in London and (during next posts) take a look at this year’s ISMAR (in November). Enjoy!

metaio’s insideAR

metaio’s insideAR is due next week, Monday and Tuesday. If you didn’t take a look until now, grab the program here. There will be a lot of live demos again and a number of great speakers, let me quote the confirmed names here:

  • Olav Gjerlufsen: Director Digital Producers at LEGO
  • Neil Trevett: NVIDIA
  • Prof. Dr. Yongtian Wang from the Beijing Institute of Technology, China
  • Gabriel Weiss: Mitsubishi Electric, Cooling and Heating Solutions, USA
  • Christine Perey: PEREY Research and Consulting
  • Christopher Peterka: Managing Partner of gannaca
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Schreiber: Volkswagen
  • Helmut Guggenbichler: CEO of Augmensys
  • Rafael Mroz: Co-Founder of Argeneer
  • There will also be a few new amazing engineering demos at insideAR, this will include a “AR Window-to-the-World” with ART (“Large area auditing of manufacturing quality based on Infrared Tracking by ART”) and probably two demos with my company RTT: “AR Remote-Rendering: Creating a detailed 360° environment from huge 3D models on mobile devices” and the Projective AR demo, I blogged on before: “Displaying different designs right on the surface of real objects with EXTEND3D”.

    I will also join our partner metaio onstage for a brief talk on Industrial and mobile AR on the 2nd day at 10.30 am. Be sure to stop by! :-)

    Augmented Planet 2012

    Augmented Planet Event 2012 is coming up next after the Oktoberfest! Jump over to London on October, 30th and 31st, if

  • you want to learn how to build augmented reality solutions
  • you want to hear from industry experts
  • you want to network with other augmented reality enthusiasts
  • .

    This year Augmented Planet 2012 will feature a HackAR. Your chance to team up with other developers and get your hands dirty with code. augmented.org is official blog partner of AP2012 and we will make sure to post more news before and during the event next month!

    Fun To Play

    PendAR created an Augmented Reality version of the good old Angry Birds! If you hadn’t had enough of it or your children need something more techy than a simple VR game, check out their neat 3D & AR port of it:

    Angry Birds AR von pendartechs

    Talking about games, where you need to shoot or throw things (remember the “Moorhuhn” game?) the company ar23D has created another AR shooter with nice graphics. Hunt those bugs and flies on your ipad. I really sucked at this trying. :-)

    Video can be found here. Enjoy!