Published on: Oct 20 2009 by toby

ISMAR is running and draws all attention and time. So, augmented reality blog postings are going down a bit for now, since everbody is just to busy being there physically. :-) As last year Ori Inbar writes a nice first impression collection on his website gamesalfresco. So I won’t quote from there, but encourage you to surf over to his place.

Focus 2009 obviously lies on mobile devices, being iphone, android… and last, but not least, also WinMobile and Nokia’s Symbian OS. (The latter has been treated a bit stepmotherly, even though the first mobile AR demo I’ve seen ran on a symbian phone (at Uni Weimar, Germany)). The before-mentioned markup language ARML gets its discussion and HMDs seem to get pretty popular again as Thomas points out.

To pass the time for the next news from ISMAR, you might want to check out the O’reilly one hour talk with Chetan Damani about augmented reality, iphone apps, acrossair and the future of our favourite emerging technology. Mobile trends are outlined, even RFID detection is discussed shortly. If you survive the bad sound quality, it’s worth tuning in, if you are sitting on your couch, wanting to know some new tiny details. :-)

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